Athletes pictures
Windmax - Ryzer
Mountain Bike  - gozen
Winsmax - Revenge
Sterling  - Magster
Koyna - Klonyx Mx
Koyna  - Klonyx Mx
Mountain Bike  - gozen
Koyna - Klonyx Mx
Koyna - Klonyx Mx
Koyna - Klonyx Mx
Sterling - Swifty

Mountain Bike



Mountain biking is an adventure. Mountain biking is passion. Mountain biking is a combat.
Each rider faces the perils of mud, roots and stones. He has to win through in any condition, atmospheric and all kinds of terrain. Just around the corner, there may be a crazy trail or a steep single track awaiting him.
Rudy Project offers a wide range of mountain bike sunglasses customized to meet the specific needs of bikers.

 Rudy Project mtb sunglasses guarantee:




  • Eyewear ventilation systems Air System, Air channel, Vent controller to avoid that annoying misting over of the lenses.

  • Optimum vision in any environmental context thanks to the Quick Change™ system for lens interchangeability.



  • Protection from wind, dust, from branches by means of ImpactX™ technology lenses, scratch-proof and guaranteed unbreakable for life.

Rudy Project pays attention to the needs of athletes with sight defects and has created a broad range of mountain bike prescription glasses. The lenses can be tailored to individual corrective needs.


The same qualities of safety, technology and unique styling can also be found in the Rudy Project line of mountain bike helmets. The Rudy Project's mtb helmets assure total stability, maximum comfort and an exceptional ventilation.